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12:24 PM
March 2nd, 2012

The Unfollowables

I love twitter and am getting comfortable with facebook. I have used both enough to have established my likes and dislikes. (I don’t have any for tumblr because I haven’t decided how I want to use this site yet. Still getting the “feel” of it.)

Most of my peeves are based on HOW I use these platforms: social interaction. Some use it for advertising, professional networking, customer service, pontificating and even storytelling. All of these are okay, of course. But if I can’t interact with you, I’m not interested!

Here are some of my personal peeves:

  • Nothing but quotes! When I look at someone’s profile and all I see are quotes, my first thought is “spammer.” Where are the comments to actual people? It’s not really social. I have nothing against sharing a good quote, though. Especially if you are around to discuss it with me.
  • Nothing but site updates: Some people use twitter as an RSS feed reader. I am not one of them. I use an actual feed reader, so if it’s just site updates in your stream I’m not interested in following. 
  • Broadcasting a conversation: This is mostly a twitter thing. If I don’t follow both parties in a conversation, twitter won’t include it in my stream. If you want input from your twitter stream on a point, ONE or TWO responses to show up for everyone is okay. But every response you make? No.
  • Political/Religious/other ranting: We all have to rant. But if I see it coming by in my twitter stream in excess, I will unfollow. This doesn’t mean I hate you, or even that I disagree with you, but that’s not want to see in my twitter stream. If I otherwise like reading you, I will refollow at some point. It really has to be excessive, either in fervor or quantity, for me to permanently unfollow.
  • Swearing: I guess I’m a prude, but I just don’t care for a lot of swearing in my twitter/facebook streams. Not that I don’t drop a few bombs in my personal conversations with my friends, but …I don’t know. I don’t know why it bothers me so much but it does. I’m an adult and it’s not like I haven’t heard those words before, but it just doesn’t feel right when I see a comment casually sprinkled with f-bombs, shee-ite, and ass. One or two of these words is not cause for unfollowing… but a whole lot of them in regular conversation puts me off.
  • Nothing but links: Video game and entertainment sites do this and that’s okay..I’m into that. They aggregate all the news and rumors and photos in their area of specialty and broadcast the links on their twitter or facebook page. But individuals who do this.. WHY? Sharing a link every now and then is okay, but if your stream is ALL links it bugs me. (Unless you are a news site. I follow national and local news streams.)
  • Direct Messages Telling Me to Check out Your Site/promotion/coupon:  If my follow of you on twitter results in a DM inviting me to check out your site, I will most likely immediately unfollow. I find this ANNOYING because I actually use twitter socially and so I have already checked out your site to see if I want to interact with you. If your twitter stream shows you are otherwise very social, I will give you a pass and follow you. A second DM advertisement from you will cause me rage-quit your feed. If you message me ads or other crap on facebook, same deal. The way I use facebook and twitter, I consider the message feature for personal messages to me, not mass mailings.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. What are your social site peeves?

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